Cook This, Not That

Cook this, not that
>>> spb ssuper bowl sunday, depending on what you eat, it can be a day followed by the monday morning guilt. matt thene is here with healthy recipes from the new book, “cook this, not that, kitchen survival guide.” welcome back, matt. >> great to be here. >> you bring food every time you’re here. >> it’s hard not to eat this stuff. >> 5% of all buffalo wing consumption happens on super bowl sunday. >> really. right here we’ve goten pieces of wings from hoters, more than 1000-calories. the wing is self is not a lean cut of meat. it’s a fatty kind of meat. we’re roasting them in the oven at 450 degrees after totioning them with salt, peper, and a little bit of chili powder. while that’s going, you’ve got franks, red hot sauce, and a little bit of lemon. >> you’ve done this before. >> i’ve done it before. pull them out, toss them in the saute pan. instead of bleu cheese, you’ve got plain yo



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