Cook Stephen Fries

Stephen Fries has been a Professor of Marketing and Hospitality Management for 24 years at Gateway Community College. He is also the coordinator of the program.  He is also a facilitator of professional development programs.  One of the unique programs he facilitates is Team Cooking. He has produced a local version of “Iron Chef” and cocktail competitions.
are joined by stephen fries, who has earned the title of being known around town as new haven’s “fooddy.” welcome! >> thanks for having me. >> we talked to you in the show opener and we know you write this awesome column in the new haven register and you break down recipes? >> people write to me for recipes that they would like to epare at home, and i scoop them out from the various in the community and most often they are welcoming in giving me those. people write to me for, for other recipes they might have an heirloom recipe that they can’t find, or even a food product that they have a difficulty finding, and i find it. >> and you are the go-to man. now, tell us what with – what we are magnitude. >> this is requested by three readers of the new haven regist, and it’sed turkish kebab house, it’s from the turkish kebab house, it’s len ’til soup. >> and this is your column. it looks easy



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