Cook It Up At The Fair!

Cook It up at the Fair!
>> andy: the tri-state fair is less than a month away. it’s time the pull out the aprons and start getting ready to enter canned goods, baked goods and candies at the tri-state fair. jo-ann gray’s here with all the info. this is the one time where getting canned is a good thing. >> it is a good thing, and it’s a lot of fun, too. >> andy: you’re an advocate of canning. you absolutely-of-it. but break down a few things. a couple things. what’s the difference between these two? >> this is a pressure canner, and we pressure can low acid foods such as our carrots and our corn and our green beans. and then this is a water kanner. we’re going to process our jams, our jellies and our pickles and our salsas. >> all the things that i say yes to. so we’ll do this one, and this one, you say they’re both nice, but you enjoy this one more. >> i enjoy this one. ism you enjoy the tri-state fair because



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