Converted Maintenance Garage Makes Great Coffee

Working Gilbert farm is home to great coffee and baked goods
>> you’ve got a good sense of weekend. yes, i do. >>> finding a favorite hangout spot can be tough, so we found one for you. the coffee shop at agratopia fits the bill. >> reporter: the coffee shop is a fun coffee shop, bakery, breakfast spot, hangout spot, hipster’s join. it’s not your strip-mall coffee shop. i did five years and one day that drawer opened, and i said i need all this money for myself. i like getting up early, i like the vibe, people coming in and depending on you, being stoked for you, and you getting fe bucks. the first thing i do is baking. that’s scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, all of them are done my myself, and my mother. and once we get that production accomplished, we segue into breakfast. our most popular item is the sand deegg — diagan. third generation iowa native. so we serve it with a little — it’s perfect for lunch, for breakfast. everything that we serv



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