Contests On The Morning Blend

Contests on The Morning Blend
>> alex: welcome back to the “the morning blend.” you heard us talking about the contests on our show every month. copy on us, arbuckle coffee roasters, educators making a difference and recipe round up? >> ann: you haven’t been able to figure out how, we’re here to help. we have a computer here and alex, you’re the tech where i whiz. >> this is the thing. a lot of folks know how to log on to the website but a lot don’t. even emails. we wanted to show you how to do. this our website, as you know, tucsonmorning “the blend”.com. if you want to nominate teacher of the month or have an organization to recognize for copy on us, go to the right side of the page, had this button says contest. click that. >> ann: contest, got it. >> alex: let’s see how fast our internet connection is. >> ann: this is awkward. >> alex: number one, start with recipe roundup. a little description, so all you have t



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