Consumer Reports: Best Cookware Sets 1-21-11

Consumer Reports tested 16 sets to see which ones were best.
money. you know the big companies, like calphalon and all-clad. and chef celebrities, like emeril, are touting their own line of cookware. consumer reports tested sets from 80 dollars all the way up to 800 to find top- performing pots and pans. when it comes to buying cookware, a good, quality set can set you back hundreds of dollars – so you want to be sure it’s money well spent. to see if a high price will get you high quality, consumer reports tested 16 uncoated pots and pan sets, which are good for browning, searing, and caramelizing. there were sets from big names new to stainless-steel cookware, such as le creuset, pyrex, and the culinary institute of america. testers put each set through a series of tough tests. to see how evenly the pans cook, testers make pancakes. this pan heats evenly, but the pricey 550-dollar culinary institute pans did so- so. and the 450-dollar le creuset



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