Consumer Report: Best Box Chocolate

Which box is best for your Valentine?
for a chocolate that’s really special this valentine’s day? consumer reports just rated boxed chocolates that cost anywhere from five dollars all the way up to more than a hundred! james andrews tells you what they found! the chocolates at this candy store are sure to delight – there’s something special for everyone! “i definitely expect to get some this valentine’s day. ” “i could go with the, y’know, 3 musketeer bar most days, but sometimes you want something a little better.” do you need to splurge to find the very best? consumer reports rated 29 boxes of chocolate, from pricey assortments that go for 75 dollars a box and up to these collections for much less. testers found big differences. chyron: ellen klosz consumer reports “the more expensive chocolates tended to be smooth in texture and melt in your mouth, whereas the cheaper chocolates were a bit gritty.” ingredients count, too.



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