Constellation Brands Beats Estimates

Constellation Brands Shares Rise as High as 12% on Successful SVEDKA Vodka Campaign (Bloomberg News)
the stock is having its best day in seven years. consolation brand is up almost 12%. — constellation brant is up almost 12%. people are drinking more because of the recession or what? >> the answer to that question is yes, if you’re feeling better about your job, you may want to take someone to make you feel better. constellation brant seems to have a better than expected report. because of this — they have this big promotion and they call its [unintelligible] i want to put up the chart of that advertisement. you can see why it did well. 33% gain for the sobotka. – 33% gain for this vodka. they came out with earnings and it beat estimates by about one penny. they were off 15% overall in terms of sales because of went — what went on with estimates. they reaffirmed their forecast and because of what is the one on with wine and liquor. > i want equal time with that one. >> how did i not



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