Comparing The Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal

Comparing the cost of Thanksgiving meal at different grocery stores.
grocery shopping today. he’s live at the lima road aldi with a look at his findings. matt? well take a look: turkey, stuffing, potatoes… these are just a few of the things you’ll no doubt be placing in your cart in the coming days.. and we looked for the best deal. 1: a lot of people this year may not be able to buy turkeys. 2: gas bills and electric bills are double what they were a year ago. those are just some of the reasons people are looking for the best meal deal this year. ..nats//turkey shuffling.. for most, turkey is the star dinner attraction.. and one of the most costly. let’s take a 14-pound turkey for example. kroger’s cheapest comes in at $22.26. but the best deal we found came in nearly 10-dollars cheaper at aldi.. for $13.86. 2: stuffing.. and cranberry sauce.. we priced those as well. aldi was cheapest, with stuffing going for 79- cents.. and cranberries going for a bu



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