Community Dining Room

When someone is going through a tough time, a warm meal can make all the difference. Judy Stebbins and Patricia Kral from the Community Dining Room in Branford joined Connecticut Style to prepare ginger chicken and strawberry shortcake.
trouble paying for fod or just needs company, they’re here to help. joining us from t fhe community dining room is judy stebbins and patricia kral. thank you so much for be being here. good to have you. tell but two items we’re making today because we’re in luck, we get two meals today and similar to what you would make at your place. >> today we’re tmaking ginger chicken. it is ouru signature dish and we’re doing strawberry rshort cake. >> very nice meal. tell us a little bit about the establishment. how long have you been aenround? >> since 1985,, serving over 125 meals every day. >> and we were talking earlier, the meals te ha people a re coming in f or or nutritional meals butu you see people from allr walks ofs life coming to you. >> people struggling to makem ends meet,t, hard-working people with kids, families, wor,kingin two, three jobs a week. >> e>>ven senior citizens who find



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