Colette Bar & Bistro

Scallops with Lemon Yogurt, created by Executive Chef Mark Crane, of Colette Bar & Bistro in Sofitel Minneapolis.
at 4:30. back to you. >>> you don’t have to travel to paris to enjoy french cuisine. in bloomington, new menu and chef. french cuisine with a midwest flare. >> here with a recipe of pan roasted scallops, we want to welcome chef mark crain here. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> a beautiful spread. >> incredible food. you are new to the executive chef role. >> yes, i am. >> you started there as a dish boy. >> not here. not — >> in europe. >> first position was a dishwasher. that is how i got involved in the kitchen and learned my trade. >> from dishwasher to executive chef. >> did you hear how he started to cook? >> in the kitchens of europe, a little more hard core, you know, sometimes people get aggressive a little bit and we lost a couple of cooks one night and i jumped on the line and here i am today. >> congratulations. that’s great. you are making something that sounds — thi



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