Coleman’s Scallops With Fig Apple Shallot Cous Cous

Coleman’s Scallops with Fig Apple Shallot Cous Cous
>> andy: we’re playing dave matthews. that means our good friend coleman must be in the kitchen. how have you been, first off? we haven’t seen you guys from b.l. bistro for a while. >> i’m great. b.l. bistro is great. if you want the know, come check us out. >> andy: the new fall men brew came out. >> two weeks ago. we’ve been getting some winter dishes. i have some new fish on the menu, some tacos and stuff. it’s been fun. >> andy: so go check it out. we’re going fishing for scallops. >> our mollusks, they do not possess a vertebrae, i have some… >> andy: those things are… >> these are scallops. it’s a unit of measure for how we measure seafood, how many per pound, so ten of those equal a pound. so that’s good. we have this right here. it’s smoked salt. there’s an actual salt place around the coroner wolflin, spices. it’s very nice the have. >> you literally can walk out of your pla



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