Coke Has A Change Of Heart

Stratford (WTNH) – A Stratford man who thought he won thousands of dollars in a Coca-Cola sweepstakes turned to News Channel 8 for help when it turned out that was not the case. Days after the story aired, Coke decided to reverse its decision and will give Demetrios Tinguirlis $10,000 in prize money.
with an update on the story.a stratford family’s decision to count on eight and fight for a prize has paid off — a major soda company is reversing its decision just days after we aired the family’s sweepstakes mistake. good news for this stratford family – coca cola is changing its mind -givng demetrios tinguirlis a gift equal to the prize he always believed he had won. in: 18:16:23 this is greatout: 18:16:32 scholarship ((demetrios tinguirlis/stratford: this is great i was very excited very excited they did change thier mind i am very happy i’m goign to get ten thousand in scholarship))just ten days ago we told you demetrios’s story. he took part in the coca cola twist and text sweepstakes – receiving a message he had won ten thousand dollars in scholarship money – only to be told days later it was a mistake the you wom notice sent in error. the soda company offered him 500- dollars r



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