Coke Celebrates Indiana’s Impact On Americana

Coca Cola’s iconic glass bottle is recognized across the globe, but the design has its roots right here in Indiana.
the world…. and has its roots right here in indiana. > >ericka:that famous glass coca-cola bottle was first created in terre haute. us the story of the man who created an international icon. > >reporter:125 years after coca-cola first started quenching thirsts…. company executives joined governor mitch daniels and other indiana leaders to thank terre haute. coke’s contour glass bottle. > >”it is iconic ” > >reporter:it was 25-year old earl dean who came up with the winning design. he was working at the root glasscola held a bottle design contest > >”mr root sent his committee to the library to look for some ideas for the design of the bottle and they saw the cocoa pod. ” ” and they saw their inspiration in the encyclopedia and earl made a quick sketch of that pod in that book ” “and the only problem with the bottle was it was a little too fat to go through the machinery ” > >reporter



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