Cognac Tasting At Hostfest

Another more recent vendor at the Hostfest has been sharing a bit of Norwegian spirit and spirits with visitors throughout the week. Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac is a family-run business that originated in Norway. The liquor is a French cognac and a bestselling brand in Europe. Hostfest visitors pay 10 dollars to sample the drink and that also includes some finger food. The company offers 6 different cognacs from 4 years old to 50 years old, and ranging in price from 35 dollars to 250 dollars per bottle. Herve Bache-Gabrielsen is a 4th generation of cognac producer, and says they’re glad to be back at the Hostfest for a second year. (Herve Bache-Gabrielsen, Hostfest Exhibitor) “It’s a great event. There are many people and this is a very good thing for us because the Hostfest, it’s a gathering of all people interested in Scandinavian heritage, Scandinavian tradition, and we are in very good connection with what we can propose, because our brand is still number one selling cognac in Norway.” In addition to bottled liquor, the display also offers chocolate cognac truffles provided by Chocolatopia of Minot.



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