“Coffee’s On Us” Winners!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hooked up another deserving Las Vegas office in our “Coffee’s On Us” contest…and this time it was the UNLV IT Help Desk!
is a. >> dao: welcome back, everyone. yesterday the unlv it department got a surprise thanks to the coffee bean and tea leaf. >> dao and i and others delivered coffee to the entire. among the goodies, direction drinks, pastries. it was the department of nerds. >> i supervise 12 students. we’re at 20 total with full time staff. but the entire it organization is about 80 staff with 100 or so part time student workers. >> we like to invite people in and just soak it in and enjoy some of the cheer, which in fact our crew brings. >> we did have a blast. congrats to all them. if you want to get in on the action, head to our contest page at vegasmorningblend.com. it’s the coffee on us contest. so far five or six people have won. it’s been great. >> shawn: nice uniting with the



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