Coffee Lady In Book

A good cup of coffee is a must for many people and a Westhope woman who has made coffee her business is being featured in book that will be published soon. Carla Burbidge reports. We first told you about Jo Khalifa in 2005, when she and her husband Mo put on up a roast house on their farm near Westophe and started a company, MoJo Roast. Since then, her list of accomplisments has been long. She has coffee customers all around the world, she’s designed signature coffees for various organizations, and she even was invited to create a gift basket for President Obama’s inaugation Jo Khalifa, Mo Jo Roast ….we have seven kids, wanted a safe lifestyle, are are excited to have a business in North Dakota… Most recently, Jo was contacted by author Jeretta Nord about a book called a Cup of Capaccino for the Entrepenural Spirit, about female’s in business. Jo, was included in the book and will go to New York in June for the book launch, which may include some appearances on national TV. All this attention begins at her little roast house on the praire. Jo Khalifa, Senator Conrad has asked me if you can have a viable business in North Dakota, and we are proof, its a beautiful life… And thats why she believes its so important to give something back. Because she gets coffee beans from many different countries, she donates funds back to improvished areas of Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, as well as locally to the Bottineau Crisis Center. Carla Burbidge KX News. For more information check out her website: www.mojoroast.com



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