Coconut Water Business

Analysis and discussion with the Founder of ZICO Pure Coconut Water Mark Rampolla. He talks about his discovery of natural coconut water and the challenges among competitors. (Venture)
the national captioning institute –www.ncicap.org– >> welcome to “venture,” the world of small business and big ideas. we welcome the founder of zico, mark rampolla. conut water could be the next big story in the beverage industry. in the early ’90s, mark rampolla was a peace corps volunteers in costa rica. that is when he had his first taste. rampolla founded zico in 2004. he called it nature’s sports drink. it was harvested in brazil from green conuts. zico was not the first player on the scene. along with competitors, they helped create an awareness that conut water helps higher potassium levels more than gatorade. zico was able to cultivate a devoted following through yoga studios. he then earned the loyalty of the hot bickram yoga master himself. zico has attracted investors like those of nantucket investors. according to the company, their 2007 sales were $1 million. in 2008, tho



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