Coconut Lentil Bisque

We’re cooking Coconut Lentil Bisque and Fresh Tomato Ginger Mustard Seed Chutney with Chef Sai Viswanath from DeWolf Tavern.
>> thanks so much, melissa. let’s head over to the kitchen ch where patrick isck probably happy.pp >> i’m always happy in the kitchen, ben, you know that, cooking with her friends from dewolf tavern in bristol this morning. what have you got there? we were saying it’s a fancy term for soup. >> it is. it’s more because of thee us consiste ncy is so light and creamy, and i don’tea use cream, re i’m using coconut milk for this,hi conut lentil, so it’s good for vegans also. as we get in to more fall season, we want to eat something soupy at the same time. im not sure how heavy you want toan go wit h your seafood and fish, so this is a dish which is in between. it’s in between because it doesn’t have the cream, at the same time it’s soupy and i’m going to gmake other dishes,he fresh tomato ginger mustard seed chutney with i t. what is it? >> it’s tomatoes diced up, pickles, lentils which i ha



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