Coconut Custard Cake

Chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz shares a delicious dessert recipe
our next guest says that brazilian cooking relects “an explosion of color and flavor just like the country’s passion for soccer, sambaf ocand beautifu l beaches..and in her cookbook “the brazilian kitchen” lettccia morenios schwartz shares 10ar0 classic 0 and contemporary recipes for the home cook..chef leticia joins us now…3 —brazilian cuis -ine is really a combination of cultures ( portugese/african ge and nati ve indian) 3 —we’re making a –custard dessert…what is it lled? 3 what region is this from?3 cooking demo3 if you want letticia’s recipe…jt co me to w-t-n-h dot com and click on connecticut style….leticia can you stick around for the end of the show? we’ll check back with you…. u.3 3 back with you..show? we’ll check the end of the stick around for leticia can you style….connecticut and click on to w-t-n-h dot oncom recipe…just come letticia’s if you want cookin



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