Coconut Cake

coconut cake
>>> nothing at all beat as tasty dessert to start getting ready for spring, especially one with a little tropical flavor. scott peacock shows us how to make a coconut cake from scratch. >> buy a coconut that’s really heavy by weight. when you shake it, you hear a lot of water in there. make two holes to get the water out. that’s about a cup of liquid out of this one coconut. you just want to hammer it al over the coconut. not enough to smash it open but just a consistent even hammering and rowe tate — rotate it around over the entire surface. >> how do you know when you’re there? >> because it will crack. this is one that i’ve taken a little bit further. and these have ben covered in water so they don’t dry out or oxidize. use a light touch as you’re grating. just a very light, fine, flaky grate. we’ve got our coconut cracked and grated now. we’re going to make our delicious buter p lay



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