Cocktails For The Cure

Cocktails for the cure segment
>> you hang out in the weather center. we’ll be here at the makeshift bar. cocktails a good subject on a friday but cocktails for a cure is even better. >> brandon is here to tell us more about this because not only are we talking cocktails we’re talking cocktails for a great cause. >> exactly so cocktails for the cure is something we do for world aids day all the way to december 1st. each cocktail is $10 but a dollar of the proceeds go to a local foundation here in baltimore so keeping the money local but it’s something we do throughout the family company. >> you guys did this before. >> yes did. last year we did. >> how did it go. >> it went well. last year we raised about $100,000. th’s a nice chunk of change to be able to donate. i want to make something for you guys today. holiday season, not everybody can drink so and you wan to keep it festive so we’ll do a holiday punch for you t



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