Cocktail Party Makeover

Throw a healthy cocktail party this holiday season!
>> you have christmas, you have the christmas eve parties and you’re eating, indulging then new year’s eve more cocktail parties. you can actually have a bit of make over here do things a bit more sensibly that’s where andrea joins us. >> hi there. >> a physician’s assistant and chef. >> yes. >> that’s a big title. >> i know. >> really quick, you’re in the health industry, right. how did you get in to the food industry. >> i’m a cardiology physician assistant. my real passion is cooking i went to culinary school about to years ago, i live out in san diego i pair the two together. >> i am from b’ville. i do miss home at times although the weather i can pass up any day. i’m out there running my own catering, private cooking lessons i also do work in my cardiology office, too. >> your cardiology background helps you realize importance of healthy eating. you brought along makeovers. start wi



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