Coca Cola Days

Coca-Cola days is an event we have annually in Iowa.
>> thousands of checkers and history buffs. >> and everything coca-cola. the event started in 1993 and here to tell us about coca-cola days ann mccurdy. what is this all about? >> coca-cola days is an event we have annually in iowa and 20 to 30 that states are members and they are members of the coca-cola club and they are the largest checkers second only to atlanta, georgia. >> why atlantic? >> well the tyler brothers started in business 101 years ago and they start tw-d ice, ice cream and they started bottling soda and coca-cola which was not a well-known product at the time. and they have been in business now 101 years and it’s been a long part of the atlantic history and the celebration of that local business but in celebration of this american classic coca-cola. >> so these collectors come from all over the country. what type of items do they bring with them? >> you will see everyth



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