C’MON – Golisano Children’s Museum Of Naples / Wine Week

The Banyan Tree exhibit is the first of 13 exhibits installed.nWine WeeknWe would like to invite viewers to mark their calendars and join us for Wine Week 10/25-10/29 at any Culinary Concepts location. glasses of wine for $8.00.
It look like we have some wine to serve you today and it is for a great cause. The children museum of naples where a banyon tree is growing. The museum is not open according to heather patton. Close, right?nnWe are getting there. We will announce it soon, hopefully, and we will let you know as soon as we can.nnI’m not pressing you. I’m eager and excited and can’t wait.nnEverybody is. That is the number one question is when will that museum be open? We are ready to come.nnAnd what’s your answer to that number one question?nnSoon! And we will let you know as soon as we can let you know.nnIn the meantime, leave heather alone and let’s drink a little bit of wine. We want — the wine is coming up and a chance for you to participate in what’s caled “wine wek” The grown-ups out there. $8, eight different kind of wine. Carley is going to come over here in a minute. She is in the back prepping fo



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