Clever Cleaver Brothers

Twisted Skirt Steak
> hi, dave. hi, indianapolis. it’s a great recipe we call — >> all: twisted skirt steaks. ? come on, baby, let’s do the twist ? >> all right. >> get the skirt steak, remove the excess fat, cut the tendon off, get it nice and flat. >> you’re saying if you do this, it’s really less expensive, right in >> exactly. >> it will still taste good? >> like everything we do. take italian sauces and spread that over the skirt steak. rol it up like a cigar. > wow. > see that? and then i’m going to slice it into portions. >> a little tip? >> yeah. >> dave, you can put — pop this before you cut it, pop it in the freezer about 15 minutes, it will firm up, makes it easier to slice. steve’s the professional, so he’s got it down to a science. >> turn it on the side, clever it up, with one of the new seasoning blends. > you do? >> that’s right. we’ll put it on there. a little asian/indian flavor. it’s go



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