Cleto Tries To Make Funnel Cakes

S.A. Stock Show & Rodeo
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” our comedian cleto absolutely loves the rodeo and he has been out there learning about bull riding and pets — and this morning he is shopping in to see how to make a funnel cake. >> all right, guys i’m here and i’m going to attempt to make my first funnel cake, and i just pour it in here, correct? yup, just pour it in there and don’t let it go over the top, you just want to connect everything together, go around the edges — >> how hot is this oil? >> 400 degrees. and then up. >> and you let it set awhile. >> until it turns a golden brown and then you want to carefully flip it. >> there you go. wow, and what happens if you burn it — >> you have to be a little bit quicker. >> all right, and that said, they can fry snickers and twinkies. and you just drop it in there, and — okay, thanks and then you just move it around and — >> cover it all up c



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