Cleto Cooks With His Daughter

Taco night recipe
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we are in the kitchen and mom has the night off, and he has called in miss mallory to make us some dinner. >> how are you, shelly. >> i’m very excited because we’re about to find out if it’s jokes is it for you or if you can actually cook. >> i’m laughing because usually there are caterers that come in with everything stacked up, but i have just four little ingredients here. >> i was very nervous when i saw just three things here. >> and mallory was like, there are four, shelly, i’m not counting the ground beef. >> and i learned to cook this i was in the dog house. i’m not kidding, one day my wife got so mad at me, and went to sl purpose. and you get ground beef and brown it up and i didn’t have time come up onions and i didn’t know what bell peppers she puts in and so i got pace picante saws. saws. sauce. >> because everything is in there. >> yes



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