Classic Popover

Classic popover
>> executive chef at blt prime restaurant here in new york city. we are going to make our signature popover. a bread we serve to all of our lucky guests. it is similar to yorkshire pudding from england. we put the oven to 325 degrees. place our popover pan inside of the oven. four whole eggs into the mixer. we beat it at medium. we take two cups of milk, and we make our milk warm. basically we are going to temper our milk in with our eggs. once the milk has come up a little warmer than bath water, you pour it in with our eggs to be sure that the mixing is mixing so that that way it doesn’t curdle the eggs. 310 grams of flour. it sounds weird, but baking is an exact science. if you mess up one item, the whole thing is ruined. a pinch of salt. what i’m going to do is i’m going to remove the batter from the mixer so i don’t overbeat the product. once we insured that it is mixed, we pour it



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