Classic French Croque Monsier (ham & Cheese) Sandwich

One of the easiest French recipes to make
so many delicious recipes. we start today with — the sure-fire crowd pleaser. welcome to the show, and thank you for coming. >> i think it’s a great idea. who doesn’t love a sandwich? >> everybody. the biggest staple at lunch, and good for breakfast, good for dinner, any time of day. >> this is a friend chicago version of — goodness. >> a french commercial of goodness. >> what we’re going to do is start with the sauce. it’s like a knife and fork sandwich, so we’ll start with a little butter, and flour, and make airy, and this just becomes the base and make a roux. and this just makes the base. this is just a cream sauce with a little cheese. so we’re going to melt that down and start making the roux. and in the meantime, heat up the ham. >> i see you making this sauce, would this be the sauce you need for one sandwich or make a couple? >> the sauce is great for anything. you can use it



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