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on broadway in green bay. we’re in the witch now with a lady that you know, this is julie sizemore from creative cakes. >> hi! >> you too. i was talking about earlier winter can be so long and doing the same old stuff, and it can be boring. i think a great way to met people, get out of that funk, is do something you’ve always wanted to do but never done it, so just do it. >> yeah. and for stay at home moms, which i used to be, i was a clas repeater. and i would take the same class over and over and over, and they’d say, but you already had that class, and i’d say, shh, don’t tel anybody, it’s two hours a wek i get to do whatever i want to do. >> i love it. >> so we offer some really great classes. in february we have nine classes. we’ve expanded our clas schedule to accommodate more people, to accommodate more classes. we — and the one thing that’s really, really fantastic is, since we



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