Clams With Soba Noodles & Pumpkin Seeds

We’re cooking Ginger Sautéed Clams with Soba noodles and toasted pumpkin seeds with With Michael Martini of Newport Gourmet Tours.
contestants thisst year.ye it should be fun stuff. let’s head over to the kitchen.en patrick? k?>> you t>>alk about cool stuff. this is michaelha martini, it’s ait great concept you have with the tour of newport. well, you explain, it’s a two hour tour for two miles. >> basically it’s a two hour walking tour of newport, along bell vow avenue and we visit — well view avenue and we visit eight of the bestt hotel kitchens along bellevue avenue, you get newport history, food history and of course you get something to eat. >> that’s great. now this morning, you’re going to cook up some ginger sauteed clams. >> ginger sauteed clams. this is basically a little twist on traditional clams. everybody always has clams with angel hair and red sauce. this is going to be an asian preparation with soba noodles and a little soy sauce, some white wine and sesame oil. >> so you’re with sardella’s. >> i a



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