Clams With Homemade Chorizo & Polenta

We’re cooking Clams With Homemade Chorizo & Polenta with Chef Andrew Shotts from Garrison Confections who will be at The Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival.
for now, let’s s lend iten over to patrick, who is i in the kitche n cooking up seafood. >> t his is andrew cox fr com garrison’s, i see corn and butter and lots of other good stuff that i don’t recognize. what is it. >> what we’re going to do is sauteed chorizo, withh some local clams, cilantro, corn, garlic, tomatoes, fresh prime and cilantro. >> are y ou going to abe iounvolvengdbe din this newport mansions winein and food festival. >> i’ll be involved alongng with a lot of other economies. >> are you famous for your chocolate. >> i’m famous for my chocolate. i’ve dabbled until food for many years, but i’ve been taken over to the dark side, dark chocolate side,, but i still cook quite a bit. >> i used to do s>>ports and now i do this news hi wsthings, you k, now no what it’ s like. find the recipe to this dish as always on foxprovidence.com. ce . speaking o thehe newport mansions wine



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