Clams And Chorizo De Espana

We’re cooking Clams and Chorizo de Espana in the kitchen with Chef Brian Miller from The Cuban Revolution.
two chapters to go,. pretty good. >> i’ll read it in two years. y >> we’re here with cuban revolution and chefvo brian miller joing us on the show. good to see you. >> that very much. >> i see clams, tomatoes, objectons, is this sausage? >> it’s chorizo sausage. >> what are the ingredients, because it looks like i want to eat it. >> we start off with sauteeing and chorizo sausage giving flavor and then we add thedd clams and salt, pepper, white wine, and some butter, olive oil and let that justus build the flavors together, steam up and whsten it’s all cooked, we add in the tomatoes and the onions and call it a day. >> cuban revolution is where and what are your specialty dishes? >> we’re cuban inspired restaurant and we are located on 50a dearborn street inar downtown in providence.nc >> nice to see yoe u this morning. find the recipe t on line as always at foxprovidenceom. more from th



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