Clam & Corn Chowder

Cooking with 1149 Restaurant.
down. but she’s good, she’s texting now. >> good morning, 1149, jules ramos, welcome.. you provided some appetizers ftior lolli lolli mo nthly and this is is one of them — for rhode island is monthly and this is one of them. >> for hors d’oeuvres, we can doan it in an cup or a bowl.wl >> what goes into the great recipe. >> basically, regular new england clam cloud derry district with a — chowder, with a little twist, we put corn in there. people usuallyly do clam chowder or corn chowdorer, there’s also the creamy version or the brothy version, ours is in the middle. so it’s not super thick but not n thin either. celery, clam joys, your little chicken, cream, potatoes and corn and bacon. >> >> i actually had my 20th high y school reunio nre at 1149 ea49st in seekon k back in november, i have to say, the food there, awesome. great to have you here on there show this m torning,, looking o



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