Clam Cakes And Fish & Chips

We’re cooking Fish and Chips and Clam Cakes with Jeat? from Twin River.
party. you have to be there.re >> let head over tove the kitchen. >> this is dean from a new restaurant in twin river, i had a publica speaking professor, father adjudicate said go do id people sayay jeet, but it’s peoples say it in rhodesa island. >> it’ss a rhode island classic, which bill, the, owner of jeet came up with, it’s for everybody to enjoy, from del’s lemonade, fish and chips. it’s been a real treat forat me to work w ith these guys and see how they pullul it together and see what some of rhode island enjoys. >> jeat, a jnswer the question, no, did you? but we’re going to t eat fish and chips and clam cakes. >> fis and chips, our classic hadd ock, we’re going to dredge it in flour, salt andfl pepperr inside of that and soak it in i butter milk, and then we’re going to putto it in the frying pan for about five minutes or so. and th en from there, we’re going to go to our clam



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