City Subs & Obee’s Subs

City Subsn1791 Boy Scout Dr #4nFort Myers, FL 33907nsister sub shop of Obee’s Sub Shop in Port Charlotte
>>> that convinced me. that did it for me. what was that we were looking at barbara, that salad? what is this right here? >> turkey salad. we can make any sandwich into a salad. the pick your meat, vegetables. >> i see banana peppers on there. let me tell you the place that you want a take a big bite out of. city subs n fort myers and obee soup, salad as subs in port charlotte. good morning dennis and barbara. >> good morning. >> let’s take everybody to city subs which is your new location. the way the story is is it is mother/son in real life and mother/son in submarine sapped witch life. the soap opera continues. >> right. >> city subs is where, dennis? >> on the corner of boy scout and summerland in fort myers. >> if you know where the omni club is which is a good landmark it is right there. >> right in front of it. >> tell us what city subs has to offer everybody out there. sandwiche



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