City Dock Sliders

City Dock Sliders
sliders! now for a look at what to expect with the weather today… meteorologist jon cash. meteorologist jon cash. 2 passes to se an advnaced screening of twilight eclipse. official release date: june 30. enough to get you to listen? we’re going to tell you about an event that promises fre beer and fun when we come back! break one time to check in with the cox buzz center! >> time to check in with the cox buzzer center. we are chatting about what you’re chatting about. we go to thehamptonroadsshow.com. mike said a teacher taught in a school system where sixth- graders got pregnant. the times are changing. >> there was a worker who said the youngest child they had ever seen pregnant was 11. i do not mean to sound like i am not aware about how things are. i would like to keep my kids kids as long as possible. i don’t want them to have a clue about what a condom is. >> he also said that he



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