We’re cooking Cioppino with Chef Gianfranco Campanella of Amici Bar & Grille.
patrick. pa k.>> >> one. .best parts of this jobarf is j we get g to eatto great food and a joing us this morning on o the show is chef gianfranco fr campanella, irish guy, italian guy. >> you’re using yoursi hands, so it comes outees easier.as >> he is withis amechi restaurant, it’s new onit federal hill. >> where are you located. ed >> >> 242 atwell avenue. >> where is i that? >> smack in the middle between the pineapple and the plaza withth the water fountain. >> so thisth morning, you have toha t seafood you broughtd in today, it’s like seafood on steroids. >> it is. there’s some rhode islandho littlenecks, rhode island lobsters, rhode island sea scallops, fresh calamari. >> and what are you going to do with all this food, because obviously we want to eat it.at >> this month, we’re celebrating the villia, which is traditionally onon the 24th, christmas receive, butmace usually u in t



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