Cinnamon Gelato

Smooth and creamy gelato
>> our next guests have come up with more than 500 recipes and variations for all kinds of frosty treats tfrom gelato and they are bert and sherbert and cakes and pies and they have it covered now in the ultimate desert cookco bok. welcome. >> thank you. >> i always enjoy your cooking segments. what have we got going on today? >> making cinnamon gelato. >> and wh>>y today? >> this is national ice cream month. >> june is dairy month, july is ice cream month. >> so even though we’re making — it’kis- national ice cream month,o we’re making gelato becaus e there is a lot of italians down here in new haven. en >> a lot of italians like gelato. >> there is a big diference in gelato and icee cream. >> what’s the difference? >> gelato doesn’t have cream in it. traditionally it is whole milk and eggs. but here’s the deal, italian whole milk proiduction has a higher cream hicontent than american



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