Cinnamon Crusted Fruit Pannini

Cinnamon Crusted Fruit Pannini from the Oronoque Country Club.
a breakfast panini. country club chef tim dillman is back and a brought his son ro ss. it is alwayswa a part when tim-o is here. >> that is my nickna me in the kitchen. >> that is whhaat people cal you. what are we taking today? a cinnamon crusted panini. >> shows us.u first tell us, do you cook a lot with ross in the kitchen? >> yes, as much as we can. i do work a lot but when we’re home this is on te of the things we try to do together. >> you come up with recipes is this a recipe you came up with togeth er? >> yes. >> >> do you enjoy this? ? >> yes. >> what do yohu want to be when you grow up? >> an anesthesiologist. >> i hear you can spell that. >> yes. >> spell it for us. >> i can’t even spel doctor. >> d-o-c-t-o-r.oc >> imp ressive. >> a chip off the old block. a 10-inch flour tortilla. i don’ti like to use the we ones,es when you cook them, tthey crack a little bit. we got at flav



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