Cinco De Mayo Block Party

La Condesa will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the huge block party planned for Second Street.
get ready for a huge party in downtown austin – 2nd street will be shut down between guadalupe and san antonio for the cinco de mayo block party… party… 3 joining us now is chef rick lopez from la condesa…. you’re helping prepare the menu of mexican “street food” for the event… what is mexican street food? what are you cooking for us toy…?3 the block today…? the block party is getting huge – last year 5-thousand are you expecting it like cooking for versus what you do tell us about mayo block party kicks off at 4pm on it’s happening on 2nd street and san antonio. antonio.lopez from la restaurant, thank you. 3 here’s a look 3 you.restaurant, thank condesa lopez from la condesa restaurant, thank you. 3 3 you.condesa chef rick and san antonio. antonio. chef rick lopez from la condesa restaurant, thank you.3 3 3



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