Cilantro-Lime Crab Salad In Avocado Halves

Cilantro-Lime Crab Salad in Avocado Halves
dr. michael blanc: “cumin is wonderful. it’s an egyptian spice. it’s got some antioxidants in it, some pepper. just a little touch of salt and some cilantro.” chef mark daniels: “now we’re adding all these ingredients first before the crab meat and the reason why is, when you’re adding your ingredients together, you’re gonna mix those together and so you have a consistent mixture when you add your crab meat into it, you don’t break your crab meat up cause you’re going out and you’re spending money on some nice crab or if you’re trapping your crab.” dr. michael blanc: “that’s a lot of work. you don’t want your work to go to waste.” chef mark daniels: “that’s it. you don’t want to break it up.” dr. michael blanc: “so, tell me what, tell me about this adobo sauce mark.” chef mark daniels: “so, adobo sauce is basically crushed chipotle peppers and what they do is, they have a little bit of s



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