Cigar And Heritage Festival

Cigars are a piece of Tampa history. Today, people are salluting this piece of our history and doing some good for troops overseas.
yourself. shawn daily is live in centennial park to give us a peek whatever is going on. >> reporter: hey, guys. yes. earlier i told you about the cigar for soldiers and they are starting to pack them up right here. each soldier gets about three cigars and a little thank you note. they are going to go all over the world. i also have cigar dave who says that these are heavy requested items. >> the number one requested item overseas is cigar followed by coffee. members of the armed forces say we love cigars. it’s the one thing that brings us a little semblance of home. especially if they are in a fox knoll afghanistan. not the best place to be in the world. it brings them a little tranquility and fresh lur. >> reporter: a cigar is not like cigarettes or something like that? >> it means lot to the troops. we have a lot of folks in a lot of places. they are standing lonely posts. a cigar com



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