Cider Bacon Salad & Pumpkin Croutons

We’re cooking Warm Cider Bacon Salad with Pumpkin Muffin Croutons in the kitchen with Chef Stan Frankenthaler and Michael McEwan from Dunkin Donuts.
good. send the jokes t in geese. let’s head over to the kitchen right now with elizabeth hopkins and her favorite company in the world. she’s foaming at the mouth, what have you got? >> this pretty cool. thanks for being here. tell me what theat recihepe andpe ingredients are for what we’ree’ making today and then i’ll get to brownies and cupcakes in a moment. >> we’re going too take two fall t recipes you can do at home. during the fall, it’s seasonal, it does mean you buy pa couple extra things at thexe store, we’rtoe using pumpkin muffins to make crew tons for nicee warm spinachch salad, it’s that warm bacon dressing and rig ht now,ht we’re serving apple sigh determine at that time dunk in’ doatughnute s and we have a whole apple theme going, so we’re going to make apple cider bacone dressing with pumpkin crew tons, and then we’re going to make a nice pork dish, a traditional schnitze



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