Churrasco With Chimichurri Sauce Part 2

Churrasco with Chimichurri Sauce part 2
>>> it is time to get cooking, the month of may. that means we’re out at the track. joining me is eddie wilson. welcome to you. >> hi, how you doing? > we’re under the awning at the indy car paddock club. thank you for hosting this. >> of course. >> now, what a street. for those who joined last week, we made a marinade. you can get that recipe on wishtv.com. but we were marinading the meat, so show us what kind of meat. >> it’s a skirt steak. again, it’s just a high-fiber — fibrous protein. it has a lot of fat and it’s great for grilling. >> tell us the name of the whole dish, though — >> tarasco is the dish with the beef. and then we’re going to make it with a immy currie sauce. add diced onions. it’s about half an onion. add all the garlic. we’re going to add the parsley. > all of it? >> sure. the juice from the lime. > how much — >> all of the juice, yeah. >> okay. and then what wi



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