Christmas Kringle

olde world pastries plus
>> good morning amend. today we’re at old word pastries plus. i’m going to teach you to make a danish cringle. i have been in the business for a lot of years. i started making it at my church. from there, we ended up here. to divine intervention, a lot of friends and coaching along the way. we offer 43 flavors. and anything from caramel nut, any fruit, any fruit with cream cheese and pretty much customers favorites, like caramel and conut. it all started when i became a member of a danish church when i got married. my husband’s home is full blooded danish, his dad is if you had blooded czech. i’m full blooded german. that’s how we came up with the name, because we have an hair loom of recipes we enjoy. i started making cringle at the church. every year we have a danish festival. from there, this place opened up a little ways from our house. i went to some friends of ours to see if they l



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