Christmas In Germany

Frank Freihaut talks about a German-style Christmas!
to you as well. >> i guess if you work for “gq” you got to look like you work for gq. today on tp b — facebook we want to know what you would prefer, coffee, tea. of course, the pear gourmet is always a great choice. here with the details. frank from the german american society. what are you wearing? >> you have the whole garment. >> my folk dancers, my wife and i belong, we wear the appropriate clothing. >> we to north german dances, along with the other ones we do at octoberfest. >> we will be dancing, and the kids will be tansing. there’s some of the dancers on the screen as well now. >> uh-huh. >> it is a good time. a great family event, sunday. open to the public. free entry and we’ll be doing all kinds of of german stuff. >> do you need to be german to go? >> you do not. we have board members who are not german. you need to come out and enjoy the culture. >> we have christmas tree



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