Christmas Goose

Fairbanks Flavor with Chef Tim…
it’s not a bad time of year to be in the kitchen with the oven on. in this fairanks flavor chef tim invited me into the kitchen for a christmas classic. chef tim>> chef tim at the westmark kitchen today joined by darrell clark and we’re going to be preparing christmas goose dc>> now this is a clark family tradition we’ve done it many many years but i’ve never done it your way, so explain what we’re going to do for us. time>> well there could be a problem with goose. goose tends to be a little bit on the tough side so what you want to start doing is poking the skin. you can use a fork for it. but i am lazy, i have a wonderful kitchen tool called a chicard. dc>> and that’s what this would be. tim>> yes… so if you would be so kind to start poking holes in that. you want to really get a lot of holes in the skin because you want some of that wonderful fat – one of the great things about mak



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