Christmas Eve Spaghetti

We’re cooking Christmas Eve Spaghetti with clam sauce with Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
you all stand as our viewers, but you know, you catch up with me later tonight, 7:00 p.m. on the live blog. but for now, we’re going to led into the kitchen. vince, what’s going oe,n?in >> what’s going on. italian christmas style. john granata from camille’s up on the hill. you own the joint.. tv’s maitre d’ joe zito owns the rest of “the rhode show.” >> a little bit of sunshine on this horrific weather morning. >> it is terrible. i’ve got newsot for you. we’ve gott spaghetti, as we used to call it when i was a kid, spaghets, and clam sauce.ce >> basically what we’re w looking at is christmas eve is coming up and probably one of the most popular fish dishpoes to rdo thedo night before gh christmas is the clam sauce. we’re going to make it old school and we’re going to do it so the clams come through. here in “the rhode show,” they use — here in rhode island, they use littlenecks, you pr



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